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eNewsletter #4, April, 2008

This month—Working with Passion!

1.  Are You Working with Passion?

2.  Website of the Month.

How much time do you spend at work? Getting ready for work? Thinking about work? Work has a central place in the lives of most of us. 

If you are “lucky” (I’m not sure how much luck has to do with it) you have work that energizes you and fuels your passion. Congratulations!

But, if you are among the large number of people who are just putting in time…waiting for your next vacation…waiting for another job to appear…waiting to retire…you might want to make some changes in your life.

Try This Quiz!

Answer the following questions with either a YES or a NO and remember there is no right or wrong answer.

Do you find your work interesting? 

Does your work energize you?

Do you find meaning in your work?

Are you using your skills, talents and gifts?

Do you leave work with a feeling of accomplishment?

Do you feel valued for who you are and what you contribute?

Do you have influence over your work?

How did you do? If your answers were mostly in the negative you might be a victim of the “golden handcuffs”.

Psychologists and Vancouver Sun Columnists Darryl Grigg and Jennifer Newman suggest that large numbers of us are held captive at work because we are wearing “golden handcuffs”.

Golden handcuffs can symbolize many things but the most common ones are:

·       Salary

·       Benefits (especially vacation)

·       Pension

·       Job security

If you once enjoyed your work but now find that you dread it, or if you feel like you are on a treadmill and you can’t get off, here are three steps that you can take to help you move forward:

1.  Identify the reasons for your dissatisfaction. Is it really a case of the “golden handcuffs” or is something else going on in your life? Talk to friends, hire a coach, find a mentor. 

2.  Analyze your willingness to proceed.  Making a change in your life will take time and energy and will force you out of your comfort zone.  Before you proceed you might want to evaluate the Pros and Cons. What are the benefits of staying in your present situation and, perhaps more importantly, what are the negative consequences?

3.  Create a plan to move forward. Identify 3 next steps. Make these steps super easy—in fact make them SO EASY that you can’t possibly fail. You don’t have to know exactly where you are going or how to get there. When you’ve taken these first three baby steps--the next three steps will appear.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll move forward toward your goals.

This Month’s Favorite Website

http://www.horsesmouth.co.uk This site is dedicated to e-mentoring. “Someone needs what you know. Someone knows what you need.”

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