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eNewsletter #1, January, 2008

This month -- New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Five proven strategies to help you succeed at keeping yours 

2. Recommended reading

3. Website of the month

Happy New Year!

This is the time of the year when many of us are making plans to reinvent ourselves or at the very least to make a change in one area of our lives. In fact 50% of us will decide to make a New Year’s resolution this year.

The top 3 most popular resolutions are to:

Lose weight

Exercise more

Spend less and save more money

We've all had the experience of making plans and resolutions. Deciding on a New Year’s resolution or two is easy. Succeeding at keeping these resolutions is the difficult part. Only about 20% of us will succeed at keeping our resolutions after two years. So what can you do to improve on this number?

Here are five proven strategies to help you succeed:

1. Get Ready to Change!

People often fail when they jump into action too quickly or when they feel pressured to change before they are ready. Do your homework. If you want to loose weight or start exercising more begin by visiting a fitness centre or community centre to find out your baseline. Your baseline will include your weight, your body mass index (www.bmi.gov), your blood pressure and your fitness goals.

Learn about different approaches and decide which one will work for you.  Determine what resources you have going for you and what things you'll need to obtain. Set a date when you plan to begin.

2.  Believe that you Can!

One of the main reasons that people fail is that they don't REALLY believe that they can change. Try this exercise, on a scale from 1 – 10 with 1 being very low and 10 being very high how would you score yourself on this question “How much do I believe that I will be successful at keeping this resolution?” If your score is between 1 and 5 perhaps you are not yet ready to make the change.

You might want to spend more time getting ready.

If you scored between 6 and 8 ask yourself what you can do to move your score up a point or two. And if you scored a 9 or a 10 then you really do believe that you will succeed at making this change in your life.

3. Make Change a Priority!

This may sound easy enough but remember that whatever you are trying to change will be competing for your time with all of the other things that you have going on in your life. Change requires energy, effort and attention. What are you willing to give up in order make change a priority in your life right now?

4. Ask for Help!

Many people are afraid to tell family and friends that they are planning to make a lifestyle change. You'll need this support when the going gets tough AND it usually gets tough at some point along the way. Write down your goals and let people know about your New Year’s resolution. What type of support and feedback do you need to help you succeed? Be specific! Asking for help means that you are making a commitment to yourself and are serious about what you are doing.

5. See This as a Learning Opportunity!

Research shows that only 20% of us succeed at keeping our New Year’s resolutions. 80% don't succeed the first time we try to change. This is when many of us give up because we see ourselves as failures. People who succeed at making lifestyle changes realize that this relapse is normal and view this as a learning opportunity. There is no failure only feedback!

You can ask yourself, “What did I try?” “What worked?” “What challenges did I face?” “How can I overcome these challenges next time?” Celebrate what worked and make a plan to overcome the challenges.




Change is difficult BUT you can succeed if you follow these five strategies:

1. Get ready to change.

2. Believe that you can change.

3. Make change a priority.

4. Ask for help.

5. See this time as an opportunity to learn new things.

Recommended reading

To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation”

                                                          Paulo Coelho

This Christmas I was given a lovely little book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book is well written and easy to read. I took a peek at the Amazon reviews and found that people seem to either love this book or really dislike it. The story features a young Spanish man, named Santiago, who sets out to fulfill his personal legend. His legend or destiny takes him on an interesting journey across Northern Africa where he meets a number of colorful characters and, of course, the love of his life.  The book reminded me of the Law of Attraction with its emphasis on knowing what you want, letting go of fear, watching for signs or omens, believing that things will work out and attracting the people and things that you need to succeed on the journey.

This month’s favorite website

I think it is extremely important that we support our local musicians especially ones as great as Chris Potter. Chris is a local jazz musician and you can listen to his music at http://www.chrispottermusic.com/

Thanks to Leesa Watt for telling me about this website!


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